Since '56

I was born in Penang, Malaya. My father was a rubber planter and my first six years were spent on a plantation in the northern state of Kedah, (cf 'Showing' You Tube link to 'The Henrietta Estate Album'. The bungalow at the beginning, though remodelled after the War was our home. Now only the Tamil Temple where we watched the fire walking remains. Play loud).

The family then returned to England and I went off to boarding school.

I attended art school in London, the Slade, a place of some history and reputation and though I was a serious student I can't recollect being taught a huge amount of what might be deemed useful there.

I graduated in 1978 and on through the '80s had exhibitions in Tokyo, Zurich, New York as well as London. I was producing watercolours, etchings, book objects, box / objects, in general I seemed inclined to adopt formats that tended increasingly towards the obscure. On my first trip to New York the man at OK Harris Gallery said that unless you can put the work up on the wall it wasn't going to be easy to get on. Advice I didn't find easy to assimilate. Nevertheless, buried in several public collections you can find some of these early works, at The Yale Centre for British Art, Harvard's Houghton Library, the New York Public Library, and in London the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Science Museum and the Arts Council Collection.

By 1989 however I had come to a deadend as far as fine art went and decided to stop completely. Instead I started a business doing decorative finishes on construction projects, mostly polished plaster and some friezes. This work has taken me to many places, back to Tokyo to do a store for John Pawson, to Paris for Anouska Hempel and more recently to the Royal Palace Amman for the Queen of Jordan.

Around the year 2000 I started to paint pictures again in between contracts, even managing a sabbatical year in 2005, hence Winter (VI) to Wherever (IX).

In 2007 for the first time in 20 years hold one man show Eleven Watercolours at Jonathan Cooper Park Walk Gallery.

Gallery I - XVI and Gallery i - v show in reverse chronological order the paintings I've done this century. The Roman numerals in capitals denote the larger paintings, the lower case figures are for the smaller, non figurative works.

December 2007