Covers & Cinderellas

Collages.  Page 1

Imperial Hotel.   Hong Kong 1970
173 x 105mm. ii
Private Collection: London.

Après le Départ.  Charleroy 1850
141 x 86mm. iii
Private Collection: London.

Japan Air Lines.  FFC Tokyo - Rio 1984
165 x 93mm. i
Private Collection: London.

Madame Coelho.  Saigon – Casablanca 1939
141 x 112mm.
Private collection: Los Angeles.

Schlossmuseum.  Berlin 1944
pc + cachet 148 x 105mm.
Private collection: Cambridge, England.

Haiku.  pc Kumamoto 1958
90 x 142mm. i

Madame Ngyuen.  Cua-Tung - Saigon 1939
147 x 110mm.
Private collection: Los Angeles.

École de Rédaction (President Diem).  Saigon - Paris 1957
145 x 113mm. i
Private Collection: London.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Santiago - Dresden 1936?
185 x 109mm. ii
Private Collection: London.

Radio Malaya.  pc Cameron Highlands 1958
Verso: request for Nat King Cole's An Affair to Remember.
140 x 83mm. ii  Private Collection: London.

Evatt & Co.  Padang Serai 1946
Addressed to firm of accountants where my
grandfather was partner.
153 x 90mm.
Artist's collection.