Covers & Cinderellas

Collages.  Page 6

Penang. Night.  ppc unused.
149 x 105mm. ii
Private Collection: London.

Madame Fook.  Saigon - Divonne les Bains 1947
148 x 83mm. i

Reservoir at the Waterfall Gardens.  ppc unused c.1910
140 x 88mm. ii
Artist's Collection.

Rock Island Wreck.  rppc unused 1913
139 x 87mm. ii.

Banque d'Anvers.  pmk Antwerp 1933
156 x 138mm. ii.

Penang Ferry.  ppc unused 1950's ?
140 x 87mm. i
Royal Philatelic Society London.

Arashiyama I.  ppc unused
141 x 91mm. i.
Private Collection: London / New York.

Enrique Guillermo.  Mouscron - Mexico City 1925
146 x 114mm. i

Etranger.  Cannes - Germany verso pmk Paris 1887
120 x 94mm. i

The Collages.

All feature original items from postal history in combination with a hand finished,
digitally remastered and printed version of the original watercolour.
Signed with monogram: N
Matt black framed, black archival mount boards: 285 x 225 x 35mm
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Philatelic terms.

Cover.  Prior to the invention of the envelope letters were wrapped/covered with another sheet that would bear the address and provide privacy for the content.  Cinderella . . . was not allowed to attend the Ball. Similarly the name refers to stamps that were not issued for national revenue purposes - it was advised that these be excluded from collections.  Cachet  image/text featured on cover.  pmk  postmark.  EL  entire letter.  ppc  picture postcard.  FDC  first day cover.  FFC  first flight cover.
QV, KEVII  Queen Victoria, King Edward VII etc.